NSW to implement AGRICULTURAL WORKERS’ CODE / Border Permit system

After weeks of waiting, on Friday NSW will implement the new Agricultural Workers Code & Permit system. See below from today’s Media Release for some of the details.

NSW Gov Media Release ( Extracts )

“This Code will allow the critical free movement of agricultural workers across state borders so that primary industries can not only continue to feed and clothe the nation, but be the driving force behind the economic recovery from COVID-19.”

Agricultural workers travelling between NSW and Victoria will need a permit and relevant identification and will be required to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as appropriate.

Travelling workers will also need to keep records of their movements. Agricultural employers need to support workers to perform self-isolation in the first 14 days after entry into NSW, and must have a COVID safety plan in place.”

Agriculture Worker Permit

  • The Agriculture Worker Permit will be available from 12.01am on Friday, 25 September.
  • As further information becomes available, we will continue to update you.
  • The DPI COVID-19 webportal is also updated as information becomes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Agricultural Worker Permit?
The NSW Agricultural Worker Permit allows eligible Agricultural Workers to travel between NSW and Victoria under strict conditions.

Who does is apply to?
An agricultural worker means a person who performs an agricultural industry activity and includes a seasonal worker performing an agricultural industry activity.

This includes forestry, farming activities related to agriculture, intensive agriculture production, horticulture, veterinary services, operation of saleyards, agriculture related transport and freight, fibre manufacturing and food safety and verification services.

A detailed list of inclusions will be available on the NSW Government website www.nsw.gov.au

Any areas are excluded?
If you have been in an COVID-19 restricted area or area of concern in the last 14 days you are not eligible for a NSW Agricultural Worker Permit.

Do I have to travel via Sydney Airport?
No, the NSW Agricultural Worker Permit allows people to drive directly from their location to their place of work.

Will there be a specific COVID-19 Safety Plan for the industry?
Yes. The plan will be available on the NSW Government website from 12.01am Friday, 25 September 2020.

This new plan will have special requirements in relation to staff wellbeing, social distancing, accommodation hygiene and record keeping.

What are the COVIDSafe requirements of the permit?
There is a specific COVID-19 Safety Plan required for the NSW Agricultural Worker Permit.

The Safety Plan has specific requirements in relation to the wellbeing of staff, physical distancing and self-isolation, hygiene and cleaning, accommodation, travel, record keeping, and protocols should a worker develop COVID-19 symptoms.

Permit holders are required to self-isolate while not at work for 14 days after arrival in NSW.

The plan will be available on the NSW Government website from 12.01am Friday, 25 September 2020.

How do I apply for a permit?
You can apply for a NSW Agricultural Worker Permit from the NSW Government website www.nsw.gov.au from 21.01am Friday, 25 September.

The Head of the Organisation is still required to register for unique number for each worker. This unique number is required in order for the worker to apply for their permit.

What happens to my existing permit?
Your existing critical agriculture worker related permit will remain valid and from the 25 September take on the new conditions until it’s expiry. Upon expiry, you will then apply for the new permit.

You will be required to complete the new COVID-19 Business Safety Plan.