Shearing Industry & Covid Webinar Recording

If you missed last week’s Webinar on Shearing Industry & Covid, below is the link to the recording.

Below is also a link to a document with an extensive list STATE-BY-STATE of on-line resources in order to assist you keeping your Shearing industry workers, families, customers and communities safe and minimize the impact of COVID.

Please note

·        the Webinar is very Victoria ‘centric’ as it was held in conjunction with Agriculture Victoria (VIC), the Department of Health (VIC), Worksafe (VIC) and the Australian Wool Innovation (National).

·        Face masks are not required in any other State (but it’s good to know the issues with face masks, should it come to that).

·        It starts a little slow but the last half, where Graham from Safework Vic talks, is a little more Shearing Industry orientated and the lessons learned from what happened in the meat processing industry

·        The links referred to in the Webinar are available on the separate document which you can download

Recording link….

Link to State Gov Websites…