PETA has released a new anti-shearing, anti-wool campaign

PETA has released a new anti-shearing, anti-wool campaign, targeting rough and cruel handling of sheep in shearing sheds.

News Limited has run a story on it

PETA media release

SCAA and Wool Producers Australia (WPA) have released key messages in response to the footage :

Key messages

  • Animal welfare is a key priority for the wool industry and one we take very seriously.
  • SCAA and WPA strongly condemn animal cruelty and anybody found committing these offences has no place in the wool industry, as they are jeopardising the reputation of the vast majority of wool growers and shearers who treat animals humanely and with care on a daily basis.
  • Shearing is an extremely difficult job that is done across the country in varying conditions but there is never a need for cruelty to be inflicted on an animal.
  • SCAA and WPA are of the firm belief that offenders of animal cruelty should face the full force of the law – we do not want them in our industry.


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